Who Are We

Global citizens, ocean enthusiasts, advocates for positive change

We, like many others, care deeply about our oceans and have a burning desire to share the raw experiences that Mother Nature can provide.

I am Josh, the co-founder of The Ocean Travel Agency. I started diving in 2015 in a cold quarry in the South-West of the UK. Seduced by the tropical climate and abundance of coral, I swiftly headed to Indonesia. From there, I began undertaking dive courses in Thailand, Australia, Cyprus and Italy, eventually becoming an Instructor. Before I knew it, a hobby had become a passion, which in turn became a career.  The beautiful thing I have found about working with people and the ocean is that you never stop learning, and no two dives are ever the same!

The life-changing encounters with people and nature, above and below the water are constant inspiration to provide equally extraordinary experiences for as many people as possible. 

The other half of the team is Patrizia Stipcich. After discovering a love for the ocean in her younger years, it was then she decided to dedicate her life to studying the complex and fragile oceans which cover over 70% of our planet. 

After completing a Bachelors Degree, followed by a Masters Degree in Marine Science, she was able to spend nearly two years working in the Maldives on coral restoration, turtle monitoring projects as well as becoming a qualified diving Instructor. After sharing her wealth of knowledge as a Marine Biologist in Madagascar and Indonesia, she now studies a PhD in Sardina, Italy focusing on Posidonia Oceanica and how it is behaving under the constant changing of our climate. 

What We Do

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We believe in conservation through education and appreciation of our environment.

That’s why we commit to supporting conservation efforts in the locations where you decide to visit and the products that you buy.